It has now been eleven years since French born Chef Alban Silvestre relocated to Australia.

At the time, he did not know anything about the country but he quickly fell in love with the relaxed lifestyle and the easy-going locals.

His career began in France, where, following his training at Bordeaux Culinary School, he was lucky to secure a position with Helen Darroze, two-star Michelin French chef, at her newly opened restaurant Rue d’Assas in Paris.

He then took the opportunity to work at l’Arpège with Alain Passard, three-star Michelin chef, before joining Michel Guerard, one of France’s most decorated culinary masters, also three-star Michelin chef.

Folie Douce is now the home of traditional, hearty French cuisine. Menu, inspired by authentic regional and seasonal flavours with roots in Alban’s native region of south-west France, changes every week.

One of his signature dishes is the slow roasted duck breast with Peer, Leek and Ginger, topped with a red wine vinegar caramel.

Alban’s aim is to make people enjoy lovingly prepared food and to transport them to a unique culinary journey.